Monday, September 22, 2008

Candied Violets

I discovered the delightful taste of violets in Colmar, France during my exchange in tenth grade. In my host family's home, violet syrup diluted with water was a refreshment that often accompanied our meals and candied violets were readily available in various bowls and cabinets around the house. In late March, the fields were speckled with small purple violets, which we would collect by the handful to smell its sweet fragrance.

It was during this trip that I took the tgv train to Paris. My mother, who loves desserts and baking, gave me two patisserie addresses and requested me to document my findings. After navigating the entwined streets and avenues of Paris, I came across Pierre Herme's and Sadaharu Aoki's patisserie around the corner from Le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Pierre Herme's Patisserie

Sadaharu Aoki's Patisserie

( I got this photo from the internet; though I took pictures here none of them came out this clearly)

It was these experiences, starting with candied violets and ending with world-class pastries, that cultivated a love and interest in pastries for me. I hope that by the end of my project, my connection to these pastries will go beyond appreciating their sophisticated flavors, and I will have acquired the ability to recreate these transient works of art.

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